Vanessa & Aaron 14.07.12.

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Vanessa was an absolutely amazing bride to work with, as a Fashion Designer she knew exactly what she wanted. Vanessa road tripped up from Sheffield for a consultation with me and after trying on a few pieces we settled upon a unique design to match her dress and style perfectly.
Vanessa’s piece was inspired by the beautiful beading on her dress and morphed with a longer version of my ‘Laura‘ and ‘Pippa‘ headpieces.

The Bride’s hair looked stunning in a delicate boho plait, I also made pearl and crystal centred faux Blossom hair coils to decorate Vanessa’s braid. Another matching accessory was a slim hand beaded cuff i made to match Vanessa’s headpiece. I’m sure you’ll agree the whole ensemble looked stunning!
The couple wed at Rivington Hall Barn in a beautiful Country style affair with gorgeous home made touches throughout – including the Bride’s own handmade stationery! The day was captured by the amazing Lawson Photography.
CLICK HERE to see more of the fabulous day.

Vanessa told me:
I’d searched for the right headpiece to go with my dress for months before I saw yours and even debated attempting to make one myself. I’m so pleased its all worked out and how fab the headpiece is. I’m really really pleased with it and so impressed with how quickly and effortless its been to work with you!
I didn’t want to take off my dress and head piece at the end, they all looked so lovely and everyone commented on the headpiece saying how lovely and unusual it was! The headpiece, flowers and bracelet worked so well with the dress, i was so pleased!


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